Death Stranding 2-On the Beach

Early on Thursday, PlayStation held the first State of Play game showcase of the year, revealing and announcing a number of new titles. Sony showcased extended gameplay clips for Rise of the Ronin and Stellar Blade, providing an in-depth look at two of its first-party games. The action-adventure game Shift Up, which was previously unreleased, will now get a date of release on April 26. A comprehensive gameplay trailer for Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin was released, including traversal, special weaponry, and sword battle. Additionally, we learned more about the game’s Edo era scenario, which takes place in the midst of the Japanese Revolution.

A almost 10-minute-long teaser for Death Stranding 2 that covered new gameplay features, the storyline beyond the previous game, and both new and returning characters was also unveiled during the State of Play showcase. In the original game, Sam Porter Bridges from Norman Reedus saved America; now, he has to save the entire planet from extinction. Of course, the storyline and story specifics are still, at best, shrouded in mystery, as you might expect from a game by Hideo Kojima.

Well, what other way would you want it? Towards the end of the State of Play showcase, Kojima himself joined Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, and revealed something unexpected. The renowned game director is set to begin development on an action-spionage game for PlayStation that will not be Metal Gear Solid; the project will commence following the release of Death Stranding 2.

More than a dozen announcements were made during the showcase, such as improvements to the upcoming PS5 and PC version of Until Dawn, a new story trailer for Ken Levine’s Judas, and developments on the remake of Silent Hill 2. A few PS VR2 games, a newly restored Sonic game featuring the best 2D and 2D levels from the series, and more were also showcased by State of Play. Sony also revealed that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth will be the sole topic of discussion at the upcoming State of Play, which is set for February 6. Now that we have that out of the way, here is what was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play:

1. Rise of the Ronin – Gameplay trailer

A 4-minute gameplay teaser for Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin, which launches on the PS5 on March 22, was unveiled at State of Play. It features intricate fighting mechanics, swordplay, unique weaponry, and fluid movement. The game, which appears to be the first cousin of Ghost of Tsushima, will also include pivotal player decisions at significant story points that will impact subsequent events.

Rise of the Ronin immerses you in an authentically time-appropriate Yokohama, set in the midst of the Bakumatsu period in 19th-century Japan.The player uses their grappling hook to swiftly scale buildings, launch off and glide through the air with the “Avicula” glider, then descend straight onto their horse to ride out in a seamless urban traversal approach reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed. Along with attacks, defenses, and parries, the trailer also covered Katana combat, emphasizing breaking the opponent’s stance in order to inflict damage.

Additionally, you can draw foes nearer and take them out elegantly using the grappling hook. You can utilize Western weaponry like handguns, rifles, and even specialized ranged weapons like a flamethrower in addition to Japanese swords and spears.

Rise of the Ronin appears to maintain the Team Ninja character, with an emphasis on fast-paced, brutal, and technical fighting, despite the unavoidable similarities to Ghost of Tsushima. On March 22, the game will be available only on the PS5.

2. Stellar Blade

At the State of Play event, Stellar Blade was finally given a release date and a gameplay trailer. On April 26, the game is scheduled to launch on the PS5. Additionally, the game’s developers, Shift Up, stated that pre-orders will open on February 7. Pre-ordering the game will also grant cosmetic benefits and in-game monetary increases to customers.

A few more game concepts as well as Stellar Blade’s hack-and-slash action combat were covered in the trailer. In the game, players assume control of Eve, an extraterrestrial warrior dispatched to Earth to battle the terrifying Naytibas that have overrun the globe. Eve’s character design is sure to spark debate because it defies logic for a skilled warrior deployed to neutralize deadly dangers on a post-apocalyptic planet to be scurrying around in clothing that is too tight and anime-inspired. She embarks on a mission to retake Earth with Adam and Lily, two other survivors.

3. Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

Alright, there’s a lot to sort through here and it’s probably best not to bother. To begin with, Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is the official title of the sequel. The Death Stranding 2 trailer was lengthy, enigmatic, and utterly bizarre—exactly what one would anticipate from a Death Stranding trailer. Of course, it also showcased some stunning new settings and visuals, emphasizing the sequel’s higher goals.

It’s difficult to adequately sum up all that happened in the trailer. The infant has returned. And so are well-known characters like Sam from Norman Reedus and Fragile from Léa Seydoux. We see Fragile show Sam around a ship, which is now the new headquarters of operations, and learn that a new organization named the Drawbridge has entered the picture. In the same way that he assisted in reuniting the United Cities of America, or the UCA, in the first game, she hopes he will also assist in uniting the world. These days, Sam hikes with a talking puppet that goes with him. Sam’s job is to grow the network as the UCA looks to broaden its horizons and include more areas in its fold.

The teaser features a ton of new gadgets to aid you on your adventure, along with more BTs, gorgeous new settings, and new cars. Also making a comeback is Troy Baker’s Higgs, the primary foe from the first game. This time, he’s got on a metal-ninja outfit, applied Joker-style cosmetics, and picked up a brand-new, powerful guitar. Additionally, we will learn more about our companion for the entirety of the first game, Bridge Baby BB-28, also known as Lou, in the sequel. Though DS2’s official release date is still unknown, it should happen sometime in 2019.

4. Sonic X Shadow Generations

ega presented Sonic X Shadow Generations at the State of Play conference, a remastered compilation that pulls together beloved 2D and 3D levels from Sonic Generations. Along with fresh content, the platformer will have a brand-new standalone campaign for Shadow the Hedgehog. In the fall of 2024, the game will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Nintendo Switch.

5. Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: The Short Message

At the State of Play showcase, a trailer for the remake of Silent Hill 2 was unveiled, including further gameplay images. Along with the environment, location, and some of the horrifying creatures in the game, we also got to witness the first-ever third-person combat in the game.

In addition, Konami released a free short-form horror game called Silent Hill: The Short Message, which is currently available for download. This was done as a PT-style surprise. The first-person narrative of the experimental title centers on a new protagonist and social media usage among young people, with comments centered around these topics.

6. Judas

Judas, a planned first-person shooter by Ghost Story Games, headed by Bioshock creator Ken Levine, was initially unveiled at The Game Awards 2022. The game’s narrative and player options were highlighted in the most recent State of Play trailer. As the title implies, the game takes place in the spacefaring city of Mayflower, where people can turn on one another at any time.

Fans of Bioshock would recognize the combat in the game from the trailer as well. Sometime in the upcoming year, Judas will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

Here are the remaining announcements made at State of Play

  • Genshin Impact developer miHoYo’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero will launch on the PlayStation 5 this year.
  • This year, Vertigo Games’ narrative-driven first-person virtual reality game Metro Awakening will launch for the PS VR2.
  • for February 8, Urban Wolf Games’ VR action-RPG Legendary Tales will be available for the PS VR2.
  • The new trailer for Dragon’s Dogma 2 shows the Warfarer profession.
  • This year, Supermassive Games’ narrative-focused survival horror PS4 game Until Dawn will receive an improved version on the PS5 and PC.
  • This year, Stunlock Studio’s action-RPG survival game V Rising will launch on the PlayStation 5.
  • In April, the controversial indie success from 2023, Dave the Diver, will be available for PS5 and PS4. Additionally, new Godzilla DLC
  • Foamstars Season 1 content details will be released on February 6.