Apple debuted the Vision Pro last month, and the Cupertino-based tech company appears to have moved its emphasis to producing foldable smartphones after its first mixed-reality headset went on sale in the United States. According to a recent supply-chain study from Korea, Apple’s much-anticipated foldable iPhone will be released in 2027. This confirms recent disclosures, which also projected a similar timetable. Some engineers who were previously working on Vision Pro have apparently been assigned to work on a foldable iPhone or iPad project.

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According to a claim by Korean site AlphaBiz, citing a business executive with knowledge of the topic, the release date of the foldable iPhone has been pushed back from the fourth quarter of 2026 to the first of 2027. The newspaper originally stated that the foldable iPhone will be released in late 2026. The launch date was apparently pushed back to accommodate preparations for several issues, including the supply of foldable screens.

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Furthermore, the article states that major component makers, such as display suppliers, are likely to follow the company’s original plan despite the delay. Apple is thought to have undergone an internal personnel adjustment. The corporation allegedly assigned Vision Pro employees to work on foldable gadgets instead.

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Apple is thought to be in the early stages of building prototypes for at least two clamshell-style folding iPhone models. They are not apparently part of the company’s mass manufacturing plans for 2024 or 2025. The first foldable phone from the brand is expected to include a 6-inch exterior display and an 8-inch core display. According to reports, the business is considering supply orders with LG Display (LGD) and Samsung Display (SDC).

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The iPhone manufacturer has actively sought for patents on foldable displays. The company has allegedly sought an Asian supplier for components for two foldable iPhone models with varying widths. A foldable iPad is also rumored to be in development. It is believed to have a 20-inch display.