According to a research, Apple Intelligence might potentially open up new revenue streams for the corporation in the future. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, the Cupertino-based tech giant unveiled Apple Intelligence, a set of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. When it launches, users will have access to features like the AI-powered Siri, Writing Tools for all applications, and the Image Playground’s image creation tools. The operating systems of the massive IT company are likewise being connected with ChatGPT. These features are free to use for the time being, but things might change in the future.

There are rumors that Apple Intelligence may acquire a premium tier

In the Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that the tech giant’s ultimate goal with Apple Intelligence might be to make money off of it. The source went on to say that the business would eventually provide a service called “Apple Intelligence+” with certain premium AI functions that would cost a monthly membership, much like its current iCloud or Apple Music service.

Gurman explains that the firm has seen a drop in sales of its products in recent years, which is why it is utilizing software and services to create other income channels. According to reports, the fall is brought on by a slowdown in the rate of hardware innovation, a lack of significant design improvements, and longer gadget lifespans as a result of the use of stronger materials.

According to the source, Apple might think about concentrating on its software-based AI services in order to maintain revenue growth even in the face of consumers’ shorter device upgrade cycles. According to reports, the tech giant will receive a portion of the subscription income that OpenAI receives from Apple customers as part of their agreement. Agreements with other rumored AI partners, including Google and Anthropic, may have similar terms.

Apple has stated that users of compatible devices would be able to access the AI features at no cost, notwithstanding these rumors. Notably, upon launch, Apple Intelligence will only be supported by the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Using Private Cloud Compute, the company’s cloud servers for AI computation, which was also unveiled at this year’s WWDC, the AI functionality may be expanded to earlier devices.