OpenAI ChatGPT-4

Since its launch in the latter part of last year, ChatGPT has developed from a research preview to a multi-business powerhouse that assists users in making more intelligent decisions. But up until now, there was just one way to communicate with the chatbot—text. All of this, however, is set to change as OpenAI just revealed that it is making the chatbot’s voice control capability available to all ChatGPT app free users.

Did voice instructions not apply just to premium members?

In case you were wondering, the ability to interact with ChatGPT via voice commands was previously exclusive to premium members. This abrupt shift, nevertheless, could be connected to the recent unrest inside the organization, as the board members dismissed CEO Sam Altman, causing a huge reaction given that more than 70% of the staff had sided with him and were prepared to go.

The need for voice control?

This might have far-reaching effects since it allows people with disabilities to use the chatbot instead of depending on more conventional means of communication, in addition to allowing ordinary users to use it as a voice assistant. The procedure is further made simpler by the fact that ChatGPT will read out its replies.

Additionally, this might help businesses create more engaging and customized customer assistance efforts. Finally, in order to improve their search engine tactics, companies may also test out voice commands.

Use ChatGPT voice control

  • Download the ChatGPT app from the Play Store or the App Store, then register with your email address to get started.
  • To choose your favorite voice for the chatbot to use when communicating, press the headphone symbol in the bottom right corner of the discussion window.

chatgpt voice control 2

  • Once set up, simply ask your questions, and ChatGPT will respond in a human-like manner. However, it is important to note that OpenAI does not save the audio recordings on its servers.

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