The social networking site Instagram just updated its iOS app with a new feature that would speed up clicking and uploading Stories. The app also includes a new lock screen widget that launches the Story Camera straight away, enabling users to take images or record videos and share them as Stories. It has been stated that Instagram is developing several new features. The business is introducing a Friend Map tool, which may work similarly to Snap Map, according to a previous report.

There was little hoopla when the new widget was installed. The business made no official statement, and Instagram Head Adam Mosseri didn’t make any posts either. Numerous individuals made public posts regarding the function over the weekend. Additionally, the functionality of the new lock screen widget was confirmed by Gadgets 360.

On the lock screen, the Story Camera widget takes up a 1×1 grid. All that’s left of the widget icon is a circle with the plus sign within. “Open the Instagram Story Camera directly from your Lock Screen,” as stated in the description, is precisely how it operates. To access the narrative camera interface, a user only has to click on the widget after it has been added. There, users have the option to upload an image from their collection or snap and submit a video immediately.

The inability to utilize the iPhone’s native camera app, which can take better photos, is one drawback of this widget. That is a decent choice, though, if you want to post a tale quickly and don’t care too much about the visual quality. Users may also utilize the numerous in-app filters with the Story camera. The functionality was released last week, and in the upcoming days, it should be available to all users worldwide. Users will need iOS 16 or later because previous OS versions do not support lock screen widgets.

According to a recent report, Instagram is developing a feature that would allow users to view their friends’ most recent whereabouts on a map. The feature, which is rumored to be called “Friend Map,” looks to reveal a globe map with a user’s friends visible (if they give their location data). Additionally, users have the ability to add and view other users’ notes.