Give AI the task of creating the finest Android smartphone available right now, and it’s likely to come up with specs close to those of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. While AI has long powered some fantastic smartphone functions, it is now in charge of helping you communicate more effectively, remain more productive, and perform tasks that previously required specialized knowledge. The on-device AI capabilities of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 are fully utilized by the new Galaxy S24 Ultra, not just for AI-powered features.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a standout product in the market for high-end Android smartphones. Is this the greatest Android smartphone available for purchase now, considering its eye-popping starting price of Rs. 1,29,999? How effective are the elements of generative AI? Let’s investigate!

Cost of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in India

Price-wise, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at Rs. 1,29,999 in India for the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage model. Although it is around Rs. 5,000 more than its predecessor, Samsung is now running some intriguing promotions that might lower the final cost. The most expensive 12GB RAM, 1TB storage model costs Rs. 1,59,999, while the 12GB RAM, 512GB storage option costs Rs. 1,39,999.

Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Black are the possible colors for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The color options available only online by the brand are Titanium Orange, Titanium Green, and Titanium Blue.

A USB Type-C charging cable and a SIM ejector cable are included in the package. You’ll need to use the charger you currently have or purchase a new one if you want quicker charging because there isn’t one in the package.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Design

There are several notable differences between the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Galaxy S23 Ultra (Review) from last year, even though they aren’t significant. With a few improvements, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has the same general dimensions.

The flat display is the first thing you’ll notice; this is an intriguing departure from the curved displays used in the earlier flagship models. The smartphone’s entire appearance is significantly influenced by its enormous 6.82-inch flat display alone. In comparison to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a smaller front-facing camera cutout and significantly slimmer bezels.

Corning’s new Gorilla Armor glass, which is meant to be four times stronger than earlier models, shields the display. The firm claims that it can also minimize reflections by 75%. When you compare it to almost any other smartphone available, the decreased reflectivity is clearly apparent.

Similar to Apple, Samsung has given its high-end flagship smartphone a titanium frame. The silky texture gives the smartphone a nice grip, and it feels expensive. But the weight of the gadget has not changed as a result of the titanium’s use. There is a frosted back panel on the rear, however it’s unclear exactly what kind of glass was utilized there. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is dust-resistant and water-resistant for up to 30 minutes (1.5 meters) thanks to its IP68 classification.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s features and software

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a stunning 6.82-inch AMOLED display with a dynamic refresh rate of 1-120Hz that is enabled by LTPO technology. Additionally, Samsung claims that the smartphone will have a maximum brightness level of 2600 nits, making it simpler to operate even in direct sunlight. Its display provides crisp images regardless of your task. Dolby Vision is not supported on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, although HDR10 and HDR10+ are.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s extensive feature set is powered by a specially designed Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy processor from Qualcomm, which supports up to 1TB of UFS 4.0 storage and 12GB of LPDDR5X RAM. It is not possible to increase storage, so pick your version carefully. Two nano-SIM cards may fit in the SIM card tray. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a USB Type-C connection for charging, NFC, Ultra Wideband (UWB), and Bluetooth 5.3 LE connectivity.

The 5,000mAh battery of the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports 45W rapid charging. The phone comes with a 3A USB Type-C connector, thus you’ll need to use a 45W adaptor and a 5A cord to maximize charging. The packaging does not include a charger.

One UI 6.1, which is based on Android 14, is preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Numerous new features are included in One UI 6.1, the most notable of which is the Galaxy AI suite of potent AI functions that will soon be available on previous Galaxy smartphone models as well. Seven years’ worth of operating system upgrades and security fixes are among the main software features. On its flagship series, Samsung used to provide five years of security patches and four years of OS upgrades.

Several adjustments of different sizes and shapes are included in One UI 6.1. The fast settings menu can be accessed by swiping down from the right corner, and the notification shade has been revamped with an improved layout. Smoother animations are evident when programs are maximized or minimized. Widgets, lock screen wallpaper, and notifications may now be seen on the always-on display.

Regarding the useful S Pen, nothing significant has changed. The form of the clicker has been significantly modified by Samsung so that it now protrudes slightly while it is lying within the smartphone; however, this change is only noticeable when comparing it to earlier Ultra versions. With its flat display, the S Pen pen is far more enjoyable and user-friendly. When utilizing some of the Galaxy AI-powered picture editing tools, the S Pen comes in handy.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Galaxy AI features

Samsung unveiled its newest flagship Galaxy S24 series smartphones during its inaugural Unpacked event of 2024, with Galaxy AI serving as a main feature. The on-device AI capabilities of the new Galaxy S24 series will still make it worthwhile to upgrade, even though a significant portion of these generative AI-powered features will ultimately make their way onto earlier Galaxy handsets. One UI 6.1 makes these AI functions easily accessible.

The Google-developed Circle to Search function was first available on the Galaxy S24 series before it was added to Google’s smartphones. To use the function, just tap and hold the Home button. It allows you to highlight anything on the phone’s screen with a circle or just scribble on it to locate related search items. It is usually instantaneous and compatible with any app or website. To obtain more information, you may also combine these picture searches with text.

Additionally, Galaxy AI offers a wide range of picture editing capabilities that allow quick, Photoshop-like modifications for almost anyone. With the Galaxy app, you can re-compose, re-erase items, and remaster photographs. Generative AI can assist you in straightening up a crooked photograph or filling in portions of the backdrop. Most of the time, the functionality functions perfectly. However, as is often the case with generative AI, sometimes the result is very different from what you had envisioned in your photos.

It seems quite wonderful to be able to remove reflections from a shot or just move things about without ruining the whole scene. Without the need for any third-party program, there is no learning curve involved in doing this. Here’s where Galaxy AI shines. You must have an active Internet connection for all of this AI wizardry to occur online. A watermark will appear on and in the metadata of images produced by Galaxy AI. Samsung has made a great effort to protect your privacy when utilizing all of its latest AI-powered capabilities.

Another function in the Galaxy AI package is Live Translate, which is great if you have to speak with people in different languages or travel frequently. Within the built-in Phone app, it provides real-time, two-way voice and text call translation. You should not be concerned about privacy because the function is powered by on-device AI. While the translation is enabled, you can also muffle the voices of the callers.

Chat Assist is another intriguing tool that provides writing, grammatical, and translation advice. Because of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, the functionality operates on-device and makes use of Google’s Gemini AI model. You can proofread your SMS messages for spelling and grammatical errors. You may change the writing style of a message to sound more formal or less formal.

Another AI-powered tool that will be useful for travelers is an interpreter. Because the in-person translator function is entirely on-device, it can facilitate communication with people even when you’re not online. Additionally, Samsung Notes has several AI-powered tools that may help you format content, translate or fix grammar, and even create summaries of lengthy notes. Additionally, notes are capable of automatically distinguishing between two speakers. Since this function makes use of cloud-based AI capabilities, an internet connection is required. With AI, the Voice Recorder app can now produce transcripts and summaries automatically.

These are just a few of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones’ standout AI-powered capabilities. You’ll notice that Samsung has infused its AI magic across the whole feature set of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and all other phones in the series when you use them. Over time, other Android OEMs will ultimately emulate Galaxy AI’s unique offering because of its deep connections at the OS level.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Performance

The impressive 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a pixel density of 505 ppi (pixels per inch) and a resolution of 1440×3120. The obvious flat display and Corning Gorilla Glass Armor are the two primary components that improve the viewing experience. On a bright, sunny day, the glass is less reflecting, which makes using the smartphone considerably simpler and more readable. It’s enjoyable to view any stuff outside or in strong lighting.

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC for Galaxy, which has a primary core clocked higher than usual, powers the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Galaxy S24 Ultra performed well in benchmarks, achieving 19,25,011 points in AnTuTu and 2,236 and 6,813 points on single-core and multi-core tests in Geekbench 6. In the GFXBench Car Chase test, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s graphics performance was fps.

When it comes to daily use, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a really effective device in the real world. Apps launch quickly, editing videos is simple, and you can play all of your favorite lag-free mobile games. An enhanced 1.9-times bigger vapour chamber than the previous model is included with the smartphone. According to Samsung, it can aid in extending the device’s cooling time. Even after extended gaming and video editing sessions, the tablet stayed comfortably cool throughout our tests.

Considering that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s battery size has remained same and the number of functions it supports has only increased, the device’s battery life is remarkable. The Galaxy S24 Ultra effortlessly survived a whole day with a respectable amount of battery life, even with frequent use.

We tested the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s HD video loop battery life for 23 hours and 2 minutes. By using it carefully and lowering the display resolution, you can easily extend the battery life of this phone to two days or more.

While the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 45W fast charging isn’t the quickest among Android OEMs, it’s still really good if you can locate a 45W USB Type-C charger that works with it. With a 45W charger and a 5A-rated connection, I could charge it to 50% capacity in about 28 minutes, and reach 100% capacity in around 75 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has four cameras: a 10-megapixel telephoto camera, a 50-megapixel telephoto camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, and a 200-megapixel main rear camera. A 12-megapixel camera for selfies and video calls is located on the front. That is essentially the same as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, with the exception that the 10x telephoto camera from the previous generation model has been replaced with a new 5x telephoto camera.

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With a 2x broader optical image stabilization, the 50-megapixel sensor can produce excellent photographs at a magnification of 10x. Optical-quality zoom photos between 06x and 10x are also available. It is simple to zoom in or out without sacrificing the quality of the image as a whole. Additionally, the dynamic range is outstanding.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s primary 200-megapixel camera, which is identical to that of the model from the previous year, is still an excellent shooter. The user-friendly camera interface makes it easy to take beautiful pictures with little effort. In nearly every type of illumination, camera photos have vivid colors and a wealth of detail. using reduced noise and smoother textures, you can take excellent nighttime photos using the night mode.



Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can take excellent low-light pictures. Under the ProVisual Engine name, Samsung has integrated a set of AI-powered technologies that are meant to enhance image quality. Overall, regardless of the shooting location, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can capture excellent detail.

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With its primary back camera and 5x telephoto lens for films, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can record video at high to 30 frames per second in 8K resolution. Every Galaxy S24 Ultra camera sensor has a 60 frames per second (4K) maximum frame rate. For slow-motion films, the main camera can also record 4K footage at 120 frames per second. By going into Pro Video mode, you may also access more refined choices. The smartphone has a 256kbps bit rate for audio recording. Additionally, HDR10+ video may be recorded. Video stabilization is also supported by all cameras.


In the day, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can capture excellent films with lots of clarity. In addition to capturing excellent video, the front-facing camera’s field of vision is roughly wide enough to record sufficient information of your surroundings. Additionally, stabilization is fantastic; I had no tremors when taking videos of myself jogging and walking. Using its primary or ultra-wide cameras, the Galaxy S24 Ultra can capture some fairly good films in low light. Though I wish I could make the same claim for the telephoto lenses.


Another creative AI-powered feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is Instant Slow-mo. Any video that you have stored to your smartphone will work with it. All you need to do to immediately turn any video into a slow-motion video is to press it. This will cause the video to automatically produce frames depending on motions. Surprisingly, the capability functions admirably even with downloaded or recorded films from different devices.


As an alternative, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra from the previous year remains a good gadget. When you sample the new Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’ll want the titanium frame or the new anti-reflective glass on the flat display, but the model from last year still offers a really good camera setup. A significant improvement for owners of previous Galaxy S series phones is the Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you want a foldable phone at a little bit more of an expense, you might also consider the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Another more costly option is the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which starts at Rs. 1,59,900 in India.

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In every way, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is a truly ultra smartphone. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the greatest Android smartphone available right now if you want to get one. It has an almost flawless display, a plethora of AI-powered capabilities that are seamlessly integrated into the UI, a potent processor that can handle any task, and cameras that keep up the good work. Due to the guarantee of seven years of security patches and seven generations of OS updates, it’s also one of the most durable smartphones available right now.