Following a gunshot incident in the Assam Rifles battalion, an investigation is underway.

In south Manipur, an Assam Rifles (AR) soldier shot himself dead after opening fire on his fellow soldiers. After suffering injuries, six men were taken to the military hospital in Churachandpur.

The event happened on the grounds of the AR battalion, where the soldier—who was from the war-torn state of Manipur—shot other members of the AR battalion with his gun.

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The soldier, who was recognized as a Kuki, passed away from his wounds.

People with knowledge of the situation claim that neither Meities nor Manipur citizens are among the victims.

Authorities are looking into the incident, although it is yet unknown why it happened.

“Unfortunate incident should not be correlated with ongoing conflict,” Assam Rifles declared in a statement.

The central paramilitary force stated, “It is important to share the details of the incident transparently to dispel any potential rumours and avoid any speculation, especially in light of the ongoing ethnic strife in Manipur.”

Every Assam Rifles battalion is made up of a mixture of class members, including members of different Manipur communities. In order to preserve peace and stability in Manipur, all staff members have remained and continued to work together in spite of the polarization of society, it continued.

Since May of last year, ethnic violence in Manipur has been raging between the Kuki-Zo groups, who are prominent in a few hill districts, and the Meitei communities, who make up the majority in the Imphal Valley. At least 207 people have died as a result of the violence, and about 50,000 have been displaced.

As additional details come to light, updates on the investigation’s status and the injured troops’ conditions will be given.