Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

The first Jumeirah establishment to get the Certified Autism Center (CAC) designation is the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel in Dubai.

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) has granted the status of accreditation.

Organizations dedicated to providing an improved guest experience and fostering a warm environment for visitors with autism and sensory issues, as well as their family, are eligible to get the CAC certification.

“The autism certification holds immense importance for Jumeirah Creekside Hotel,” stated Andy Cuthbert, general manager of the hotel. It represents our ongoing efforts to foster a culture where inclusivity, empathy, and understanding are valued highly. It’s about creating an environment where everyone visitor—including those with autism spectrum disorders—feels appreciated and supported the entire time.


Hotel employees receive autism and sensory awareness training as part of the accreditation process to make sure they have the skills needed to welcome visitors with autism into the establishment. Furthermore, an assessment was carried out on-site to create sensory guides, which offer crucial details about particular hotel amenities and places. These guides provide guests with the necessary information before they enter these places, including information on lighting, noise levels, and other sensory aspects.

“Jumeirah Creekside Hotel’s achievement marks a significant step in Dubai’s journey toward becoming a more accessible and inclusive destination,” stated Myron Pincomb, chairman of the IBCCES board. Being the first Jumeirah hotel in the city to be certified as a Certified Autism Center, the hotel not only sets the example for others to follow, but it also helps redefine what it means to be a welcoming place.

“We hope that by sharing this achievement, other Jumeirah properties will be inspired to join this movement and meaningfully contribute to Dubai’s mission of fostering an environment that is more accessible and inclusive.”

This accomplishment is part of a larger effort by the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) in Dubai to become the first Certified Autism Destination in the Eastern Hemisphere.

In order to promote a more inclusive and welcoming environment for visitors with autism, those with sensory sensitivity issues, and their families, communities that offer a variety of autism-certified lodging, recreational opportunities, and entertainment options are eligible for this designation, which is also given by IBCCES.

IBCCES has been the global leader in cognitive disorder training and certification for professionals in healthcare, education, and business for more than 20 years. It is the only worldwide credentialing board that offers training and certification from subject-matter experts, self-advocates with autism, and other resources to travel and entertainment organizations. It also offers ongoing support to help these organizations better accommodate and support guests who are autistic or who have sensory issues, as well as their families.