Fortnite Chapter 5

Fortnite is going underground. In a new season named “Underground,” there will be significant changes to the battle royale game following The Big Bang event on Saturday that resulted in the devastation of the Chapter 4 island. This entails a brand-new island, gameplay elements like boss fights and Lego skins, and naturally, more licensed characters like Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear.

Let’s talk about the island first. The battle royale island has had a complete makeover with the update, which takes the game to Chapter 5: Season 1. This means there are several new places. There are marinas, mansions, a brand-new grassland area, and a railway with a train you can really ride on. Moreover, there is a good deal of snow.

Regarding gameplay modifications, there are now five boss characters on the island, including Peter Griffin. Players that defeat them will receive a medallion that has the extremely practical ability to gradually replenish shields. However, there is a disadvantage as well: clinging to a medallion will reveal your location on the map to other players. According to Epic, “the radius of your precise location is more precise the more medallions you have.”

Additional features include the ability to move while healing or restoring shields, the ability to mod weapons in specific locations throughout the island, and an SUV for driving around. The Ballistic Shield is a weapon that allows you to “defend yourself with the shield while shooting the pistol at the same time.” There’s also a new type of in-game accessory: you may now personalize vehicles in addition to your character and weaponry. As you get into a sports car in the game, it will change to reflect the varied bodywork, decals, and wheels you’ve chosen. (For players of both games, some Rocket League goods will transfer over.)

All of the new boss characters, as well as a new Jones and Solid Snake later in the game, will ultimately be unlocked for those who purchase this season’s battle pass.

And there’s Lego after that. As part of an ongoing collaboration, Epic announced on Saturday the release of Lego Fortnite, a new in-game experience that is slated to premiere inside of Fortnite on December 7th. However, the game’s skins are also a result of this partnership. According to Epic, the majority of the skins now available—more than 1,200—will include a Lego style option that, well, does what it sounds like, recreating characters like Peely the banana in Lego bricks. However, it looks like these looks will only be applicable to Lego activities in Fortnite.

For Fortnite, the release of Chapter 5 coincides with a hectic period. With the introduction of Fortnite OG in November, which restored the old island and many beloved spots, objects, and characters, the game’s popularity skyrocketed. On November 4th, almost 44 million gamers participated in the game, making it the greatest day in its history, according to Epic. All of this culminated on Saturday with The Big Bang live event, which included a virtual performance by Eminem in addition to the destruction of the Chapter 4 island.