mr and mrs smith

The most anticipated OTT releases of the week is definitely Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Amazon Prime, a spy-romance series that pairs two lonely strangers for a fictitious marriage in order to accomplish a task. Funny mayhem breaks out as the odd couple struggles to keep everything in balance.

The fifth movie in the After film series, After Everything: The Final Chapter, appears to be Netflix’s biggest draw. It will chronicle the inner conflicts, reflections, and historical chapters of the main character author.

Although Netflix India doesn’t have any new TV shows this week, it does have a great selection of documentaries. For a historical perspective, consider Alexander: The Making of God, in which the great commander sets out to conquer the world, or The Greatest Night in Pop, which recounts the collaboration of 46 iconic singers, including Michael Jackson, on the song “We are the World.”

You could choose Let’s Talk About Chu (Taiwanese) or Baby Bandito (Chilean) on the international shore. The first one centers on a part-time YouTuber who, although having trouble with intimacy and sex in real life, speaks openly about it online. In contrast, Baby Bandito centers on a skater and his gang as they plan a significant theft in Chile that puts everyone’s future in jeopardy.

The third episode of Expats on Prime Video has also been released. In this episode, Margaret is enmeshed in a passionate affair, Hilary is attempting to maintain appearances, and Margaret is desperately trying to uncover the truth about her son’s abduction.

If you’re looking for popular Indian Originals, you could try Indian Police Force on Prime Video, which has the most binge-watched first season of any Indian original in its first week of release, or Killer Soup on Netflix, which is also the most-watched series on the platform this week.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse, WiL, NASCAR Full Speed, and Delicious in Dungeon are a few more new releases this week.

Happy binge-watching!

1. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

When: Now Streaming

Where: Netflix

In the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine portray two lone strangers who appear to have given up on life. They seize the chance when they are hired by an enigmatic intelligence organization.

They had to act like a couple for their first spy mission together. A ton of drama, mayhem, adventures, and possibly even romance are next on the list.

If the title and storyline seem very similar, it’s because the show is based on the same-titled spy-action comedy that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made in 2005. Don’t miss this one if you enjoy the spy-romance group.

2. Alexander: The Making of a God

When: Now Streaming

Where: Netflix

If you’re interested in history, this enlightening docu-drama series would be ideal for a weekend binge-watch. It tells the story of the valiant Macedonian ruler and military genius Alexander the Great, who subjugated nearly the whole world. In addition to his evident military achievements, the series includes personal stories, fascinating information from scholars, and debates on his sexual orientation.

3. After Everything: The Final Chapter

When: Now Streaming

Where: Netflix

You are aware that Tessa Young and Hardin Scott have split up if you have been following their story. It has been a year, and Hardin is still depressed and experiencing writer’s block. He takes his mother’s advice and travels to Lisbon to reflect on his past and perhaps make apologies.

All in all, the film mostly centers on Hardin’s attempt to learn from his mistakes and recounts events from his history that influenced his viewpoint (indeed, not much is spoken about Tessa’s past).

The first four installments of the series, After (2019) [also available on Prime Video], After We Collided (2020), After We Fell (2021), and After Ever Happy (2022), are accessible to stream on Netflix if you’re new to the series.

4. Orion and the Dark

When: Now Streaming

Where: Netflix

Introducing Orion, a timid, shy, and reticent teenager who fears a variety of objects, including dogs, bees, the ocean, cell phone waves, vicious gutter clowns, and falling off a cliff. But the darkness, which he fights every night, is what terrifies him the most.

When “Dark” takes Orion on a global excursion to show him that there is nothing to fear in the dark, things take an exciting and unexpected turn for him.

Paul Walter Hauser, the Black Bird Emmy winner, provides the voice of the Dark, while Jacob Tremblay, well-known for his outstanding roles in Wonder (2017) and Room (2016), plays Orion.

5. The Greatest Night in Pop

When: Now Streaming

Where: Netflix

You’ve probably heard We Are The World’s songs, whether or not you’re a pop culture aficionado. The song was the product of 46 great vocalists who collaborated to write it in 1985 in order to collect money for famine relief in Africa, including Diana Ross, Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie, and Michael Jackson.

The documentary on Netflix will take you behind the scenes of this production, which, incidentally, caused quite a stir around the world. Be ready for a ton of never-before-seen film featuring the artists in natural poses. Interviews from the crew members involved, including the lighting engineer and cameramen, are also included in the current version.