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In December 2023, WhatsApp began rolling out the ability to pin messages in both private and group chats. The name and picture of the individual or group would be just below the pinned messages at the top of the conversation. Within a conversation, users may only pin one message at a time. According to reports earlier this month, WhatsApp was developing a feature that would let users pin several messages in a discussion. The social messaging app owned by Meta has now formally unveiled this function.

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Through its official WhatsApp channels and other social media handles, the business revealed that users may now pin up to three messages within a discussion. The pinned messages remain as a banner at the top of the individual or group conversation. Clicking on the aforementioned banner will direct visitors to the chat’s pinned message.

The number of pinned messages and a preview of the most recent pin are displayed in the banner when several messages are pinned in a conversation. In this instance, all of the pinned messages are visible when clicking the banner. Users may then navigate to their preferred pinned message from there. Additionally, users have the option to specify how long to pin a message. Three alternatives are available to them: 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

WhatsApp has now provided instructions on how to pin a message. For Android users, to pin a specific message, press and hold it, pick the three dots in the upper right corner, and click Pin > set the pin duration > Pin. On iOS, users may choose More options > Pin and choose the duration of the pin after tapping and holding a message. Users of desktop and web apps should choose Pin message > choose the pin duration > Pin after selecting the downward arrow button that displays next to a message when the mouse is hovering over it.